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"Born and raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Kyle Genesis began his DJ career shortly after graduating college in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2016."

Before his DJ career, Kyle was a stand out student-athlete at the University of South Carolina and later transferred to Coastal Carolina Univeristy graduating with a degree in Communcations and a minor in psychology. His love and passion for music thrived him forward into starting his music career.

In the early phase of his career, DJing was a hobby which he later grew to fall in love with. By 2017, he began to take the practice more serious, creating a buzz for himself in the Myrtle Beach area.



"Working with local college bars and DJing private events elevated his DJ career and by 2018 he became professional and also LLC licensed underneath his own brand. "

Around this time, Kyle also began his radio career on ENERGY 92.1 - WYMB doing Top 40 for the grand strand.


By 2018 he secured the task of being Coastal Carolina University’s official athletics DJ, DJing all sporting events on campus. By 2019 he joined the Radio DJ team, enabling him to DJ for major brands such as Top Golf. At this point, it was time to elevate his career in which he chose to transition to Charlotte, North Carolina.


"In just a short time, he was able to secure many gigs in local bars/clubs throughout the city! Moving forward, taking on the task of becoming a full-time DJ."

 Fast-forward to today in 2022, Kyle is now represented by the region's hottest nightlife talent booking company, Radical Grove.


Kyle is the true definition of an all around great DJ, offering a great selection of multiple different genres of music. He provides a soundtrack that’s suitable for any and all audiences bringing everyone together, creating moments that last forever.

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